Thursday, March 10, 2011

I am now earning from home....

Seriously devoted some time (two full days) in January 2011 to finding and applying jobs at  My first contract is (still active) on article rewriting.  The task is to rewrite articles, with given keywords and link, to compose 400-499 words and should pass against plagiarism or Copyscape. Fortunately, out of 27 articles I'd rewritten, only one didn't pass.  Arghh... from then on, I stopped rewriting medical-related ones.  It was fun.  I was forced to do quick researches  about the topic and to actually do original writing.  Just a minimal earning, but what matters most is that I learned a lot - information and web browsing/researching; and the importance of keywords, as well.

While rewriting articles, I didn't stop applying for other jobs. Perseverance paid off, I got a second contract and a third, after a month.

Now, I'm managing my time to do jobs on data entry/research and transcribing.  I decided to let go of article rewriting. I requested my employer to end my contract and to leave feedback on how I rate as rewriter as some jobs require certain feedback rating of contractors.

If you wish to stay at home but earning, try at oDesk.  The application is superb and easy way to track your earnings.  It is true, not a scam.

Glad to be back!

After more than a year, I am finally back to my refuge. I regard this blog as my way of expressing myself, share what's in my mind, actualize the learnings about the net technology, among others. There was a long pause because I was still learning; I forgot what google account I used for this blog (as simple as that LOL). Well, the disadvantage of having many "personalities" was yet working on me. Now, I am maturing, so to speak. Expect many things to happen here. Let's begin with how I start earning from home.