Sunday, November 13, 2011

Most in Demand and High Paid Jobs until 2020

It is now halfway through the school year, I am sure you and your parents have now talked about graduating and excited about getting employed.  You might have second thoughts on the college course you are taking.  Will it give you a better future by getting better pay, the least?  If most unlikely, will you still have the time to change gear?  Well, here's a guide to help you through; just a glimpse of the most in demand and high paid jobs until 2020.

The US Federal Statistics in employment projections to year 2018 has seven job titles categorized as Very High Wages.

Network Systems and Data Communications Analysts   ((Bachelor's degree)

Computer Software Engineers, Applications  (Bachelor's degree)

Management Analysts   (Bachelor's or Advanced and work experience)

Registered Nurses (Associate degree)

Physicians and Surgeons (Professional degree)

Accountants and Auditors  (Bachelor's degree)

Post-secondary (College/University/Training) Teachers with a Doctoral Degree

In London, new jobs are expected to increase by almost 600,000 positions by year 2020.  The London Development Agency provided the following list of highest paying jobs to 2020 in UK.

Managers and Senior Officials of Companies

Professional jobs

Personal Service jobs

Retail Sales

Customer Service Representatives and similar

Entry Level positions in a number of industries

Take note of jobs that are expected to decline, such are:

Administrative jobs and Secretaries

Skilled Trades

Plant and Machine Operations jobs


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