Saturday, April 9, 2011

JobgLing explained

A friend just commented that it should have been JOBGING.

It is "JobgLing" because as already explained, it is a combination of two things done in one effort - job and blogging.  What is the "L" for then? still associate the second link to bLogging and to the author's name.  I have to find a way how I arrived with that word!  Mind you, if you google "jobgling", the first result in the list is this blog.  Meaning to say, I am the first person who use the term and further means, a new word.

I like the sound of the word.  And there is an extra sensual movement of the tongue that you can play with.  I assume, all adult individuals know that tongue represents some sexual connotation. This is another theme that I am visioning this blog will progress - generally, an assortment of issues and topics - sexuality, life, love, family, friendship, networking, frustrations, environment, etc. and etc.

See you around!

Friday, April 8, 2011

JOBGLING, what this blog will soon become

Mabuhay!  It's been awhile (21 days to be exact) since I last "visited" this blog.  Visited, meaning post new topics, upload new design or widgets, edit posts, etc. I've been busy with my online jobs at oDesk, 4 at the moment, which I prefer to give most of my time because these are hourly jobs. Meaning to say, no work-no pay.  oDesk has cool application (called oDesk Team) that contractors must log in, in order for hourly works to be recorded and desktops captured every 10 minutes.  That is why, chatting and/or emailing and doing non-related oDesk activities are discouraged, unless contractors want their gallivanting mouse caught.

Due to limited time to do other things, I thought of something to make me "hit two birds with one stone."  How is this? ... online JOBGLING, working on jobs and blogging at the same time. Right now, I'm doing researches on information sources for management/ corporate short courses and these are to be written in short but thorough discussions.  I will be uploading these here soon.  They will serve as direct sources, properly hyperlinked of course, for students/researchers of specific topics on management, workplace issues, bookkeeping, and the like.

Meanwhile, I am always facing my laptop - working!  Early morning yoga has become lesser now.  Matter of fact, I haven't given time yet to go malling, shopping, movie watching, "havana-ing", "tat-ing" (lol) - the things I love most.  I might reserve these moments with the right company when pleasure would be much more than expected (another lol).

I'm loving life!