Saturday, April 9, 2011

JobgLing explained

A friend just commented that it should have been JOBGING.

It is "JobgLing" because as already explained, it is a combination of two things done in one effort - job and blogging.  What is the "L" for then? still associate the second link to bLogging and to the author's name.  I have to find a way how I arrived with that word!  Mind you, if you google "jobgling", the first result in the list is this blog.  Meaning to say, I am the first person who use the term and further means, a new word.

I like the sound of the word.  And there is an extra sensual movement of the tongue that you can play with.  I assume, all adult individuals know that tongue represents some sexual connotation. This is another theme that I am visioning this blog will progress - generally, an assortment of issues and topics - sexuality, life, love, family, friendship, networking, frustrations, environment, etc. and etc.

See you around!

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