Sunday, April 10, 2011

Uploading video

This is just a test.  I'm learning how to upload a video.  This one is a clip from my favorite movie "The Notebook".

It is so simple.

1.  Sign in to your blog.
2.  Open new post or you may opt to embed the video to an old post, so choose "edit posts".
3.  Go to the site where the video clip is found; copy the embed code.
4.  Go back to you blog, click Edit HTML and paste the code.  If its a new post, click where you want to embed the video, left justify, center or right justify.  If you write something about it, choose where to locate the video, either before or after.  If the video clip is to be placed to an old post, make sure you don't accidentally delete the existing HTML codes there; then select where to embed the video.
5.  After embedding the code, you will be ready to publish the post.

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