Friday, July 20, 2012

iPhone vs Samsung Galaxy

To those who are confused which to have, iPhone 4S or Samsung Galaxy SIII, this video might help you decide.  That is, if you are not only after efficiency of smart phones, but durability as well.

As for me, it depends on how much is in my wallet... ^_^

What is your choice?

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

How to see hidden friends of facebook user

I admit I am an active Facebook user, but not addicted.  I check updates of friends, find good information for my freelance job, collect some good quotes and images, connect with friends, and posted personal/family pictures.  The last one is in the "past tense" because I used to make Facebook as a venue where I could share my photos with friends, until Tat told me that "Facebook is not a photo album."  He is right.  Facebook should not be regarded as platform to show your "life" to the whole world and be exposed to "criticration" (lol - meaning criticism + admiration).

Anyhow, Facebook had taught me to be web savvy in my own standard.  I browse here and there and realized that some profiles have a number of friends but are not shown or hidden.

So I asked myself - How to see hidden friends at Facebook?

Curiosity got me, so yesterday I researched the secret on how to be able to see the "hidden" friends.  It seems, not really secret after all.

I found out how and here are the steps:

1.  Log in to your facebook account.  My source says you don't have to be logged in, but I feel you need to because of the next step.

2.  Get the facebook user's ID number.  How to know the user's ID number?  This is the reason why you have to be logged in.  Click on any photo in the facebook user's profile.  While hovering the cursor on the photo, take note of the series of numbers that appear at the left bottom on your screen with the " of numbers here...)."  The group of numbers after the last dot and before "&type" is the user's ID number.

3.  Use this URL and replace USERID with the user's ID number:

4.  Viola!  You can see the hidden friends of the facebook user.

Update::  Today, I tried this facebook trick but it doesn't give the same results as yesterday.  I can't explain why.  If you do, please share it to us in the comment space.  Thank you!

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Job Openings in New York City

My recently concluded freelance work is to collect job openings in New York City that has a keyword "marketing" in the job title or job description.  I wish to share it here in case it might be useful to you.

The list may not appear good.  I could shorten the URLs but it is a long list.

See the list from the Freelancing page.


As of September 2011, Facebook had claimed 800 million users and still growing to reach 1 Billion next month.  This post is not to evaluate Facebook nor to make a review; but to share what I found somewhere in the web how FB had specifically impacted Agnes.  It made me smile.

Read on!

'Agnes was 101 years old and had been a professional comedian for 54 years.  She knew that she was very near her end, so she had her staff contact her only next of kin, her granddaughter.  

The granddaughter flew to her bedside, and could plainly see the end was near.  Agnes weakly hugged her and asked her to pull up a chair.  Her grandchild leaned in close to hear, as Agnes said.  

"Sweetie, I am leaving you with everything I own, including my farm.  That includes the villa, tractor and other equipment, the farmhouse, orchards and $22,398,750.78 in cash."  

The granddaughter, absolutely floored by the realization she was about to become rich, said, "Oh Granny, you are so very generous! I didn't even know you had a farm.  Where is it?"  

With the last of her strength, and her very last breath, Agnes whispered, "On facebook..."'