Saturday, July 23, 2011

All about salad

I have been doing a lot of self-brainstorming lately as to how my blog site should progress.  I can't seem to settle what this blog should be, just anything what comes to my mind.  Well, "in a mother's mind" it is.

My online jobs are influencing me in terms of concept and content.  I understand, in order to increase traffic to your blog, you have to focus on one concept.  But I can't seem to follow the rule mainly because there are many things I like to post.  The top two in my list are homemaking and yoga.  I guess, I will just settle on these two.  They relate anyway.

As a start, I like to post anything about salad.  I am a vegan at heart and a passable cook but not a practitioner (well, not yet).  I had the chance to view food blogs (via my online job) and I like what I saw.  It actually gave me an idea what to do with my blog site.

I would like to make this site a good resource about salads.  I hope there will be no mind changing again.