Friday, June 12, 2009


I do some yoga poses almost everyday for five years now. Doing my yoga routine keeps me strength and stamina. It keeps me out of stress, too. Aside from health benefits, doing yoga regularly tones my muscles.

I first enrolled in a yoga class for a month. I familiarized the breathing technic, basic poses and the sun salutation. Then, I've been doing it on my own. Learning new poses is easy as long as you dont overdo it. If you feel a pose might injure you, never try it. I only do the poses that I feel would benefit me. I have a 45-minute routine; am not familiar with the names, though.


  1. Hi, Lulu, had to download another browser just to reply to your comment on my quotes blog and leave a comment here...

    Anyway, how are you? Was wondering which kind of yoga you practice. I like the Iyengar method, the slow deliberate quiet of it seems to suit me best.

    Thanks for visiting! You are probably asleep on the other side of the world while I write this... :)

  2. Namaste!

    I do Iyengar method, too. I prolong each pose to at least 10 deep breathing. I start with hip openers, 1 round (with 10 deep breathing of each pose)of sun salutation, but I added more poses; then end up with shoulder stand.

    Thanks for the comment. I'm a newbie in blogging and am slowly learning.