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How to plant Beetroot

As I was working in one of my online jobs, I encountered this article on how to plant Beetroot.  I'd like to share this with you as I find it helpful to those who like to plant their own veggies for salads and for other food needs.

What is Beetroot?

Wisegeek says, also known as the garden beet, the beetroot is a sweet, maroon root vegetable.  Beetroot is a healthy, low-calorie food filled with fiber.  It is known to help improve health conditions such as high blood pressure.  The leaves of the red beet can also be eaten. 

The source further says, beets can be consumed in a variety of ways.  If consumed raw, beets should first be peeled.  The top and bottom of the root should also be removed prior to ingesting.  Beets can also be boiled, sauteed, pickled, fried, juiced, steamed, pureed, grilled, or baked.  When cooking beets, the skin may be left on until it is loose enough to fall off, retaining the vegetable's vivid color.

A common way of serving beetroot is as a side dish or salad component.

Eating beets is often suggested as part of a low-fat diet to help prevent heart disease.  A single serving of beetroot contains only 36 calories.  In addition to fiber, the vegetable provides a good source of folate and potassium.  Its leaves are also considered a good source of nutrients, such as iron and calcium.

Really good vegetable, isn't it?  So get yourself some beetroot seedlings from your local store or buy it online.

You can also inquire from  This website is the source of this gardening tips on how to plant Beetroot.

Below is Tod Palenski's ( article:


Once you've got your beetroot seedlings, it's simply a matter of working out where to plant. them.  Beetroot like well-drained, friable (breaks apart in your hands) soil. 

They grow well next to brassicas, like broccoli and cauliflower, which take longer to mature and spread out.  This means you can plant beetroot in the spaces in between your brassicas, and harvest them before the brassicas start needing the extra room.

Alternatively, they grow great in pots.  Wherever you plant, simply dig a little 3 cm deep hole, place the seedling in the hole and fill in with soil.

They like moisture as they start to develop, so keep them well watered.

In around 10 to 12 weeks, they should be ready.  The great thing about beetroot is they can be eaten at any size, just dig them up and enjoy.


So there you go!  You now know how to plant Beetroot. No more worries running out of beetroot.

Put a smile on your face while gardening, be happy.  It is believed to guarantee good harvest.

Good luck!

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