Thursday, June 21, 2012

How to grow tomatoes

While searching in the net for a good source on how to grow tomatoes, it surprised me to know that there are actually different ways to plant tomatoes.  The most common, of course, are planting out in the yard, in the garden, in a box, and more.  But there is one method that caught my interest - growing tomatoes Upside Down!

I found this article on growing tomatoes upside down from wikiHow.  I chose this to share it with you because it looks ornamental hanging from the ceiling.  This is useful when you live on limited space.  Tomatoes are very tolerant plant; they can grow easily and having your own assures you it's chemical-free.

Imagine having tomato plants hanging somewhere in your house such as this one.

Planting tomatoes

You may use any kind of big containers, preferably plastic containers.


1.  Set up the hanger

Choose a sunny place indoor.  Your tomato plant can be hung from a hook in the ceiling or tied around a beam.  Use what works in your place.

Planting tomatoes

2.  Select a small tomato plant

Plants bought or grown from seed are both fine choices.  Water this plant well and set it to one side.

3.  Take the large, clean plastic containers.  Open the lid and cut off the bottom part.  Tie string or twine to the edges of the cut end of the container for hanging.  Punch out the holes using a hole puncher, or use a sharp tool to insert holes through which the string can pass.  Knot the string in place in loops to attach to the hangers you've made.

4.  Take the tomato plant out of its original pot.  Gently set it upside down in the container.  Gently feed the plant through the pouring hole, so that the tomato plant is hanging out of the hole, with the roots still inside the container.

Planting tomaoes

5.  Fill the container with a mixture of good compost and garden soil.  Then water it.  Take note that it is important to set up the hanger first because it is impossible to put the plant on a surface without damaging plant.

Planting tomatoes

 You will start picking fresh tomatoes about 60-85 days after planting seedlings in the garden.  Fully ripened tomatoes tastes much better than picked early.

Good luck!

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