Monday, March 14, 2011

Effects of Nuclear Radiation

Talking about the rush of messages coming from unknown about the radiation leak at Fukushima, who wouldn't get worried? Imagine how people reacted - passing the text message to as many as the phone prepaid load can spend, calling loved ones to come home quick (before 4 pm!), rushing to schools to pick up sons and daughters, closing doors and windows (any holes, if possible!), betadine!, face masks!, movies about the effects of nuclear radiation suddenly recalled.  What an ugly sight!  As it turn out, the message is not true, a hoax.  According to the Department of Health Secretary Enrique T. Ona, that Philippines is safe from radiation exposure as consequence of the damage to Fukushima nuclear power plant in Japan. Nakakatuwa, nauwat tanan.

If it was true, we should be scared. The effects of nuclear radiation on humans and animals are very harmful:  cancer (known to skin and thyroid), tumors, and birth defects.  The rate of survival decreases as dosage of radiation exposure increases.

We should be thankful to God Almighty that the radiation leak at Fukushima was a false alarm. However, since the nuclear plant was indeed damaged, we must be prepared.  Know how we can prevent ourselves from getting harmed.  Be informed of the current news.

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