Sunday, March 13, 2011

How To Make Hard Boiled Eggs That Peel Easy

There are many ways to cook an egg.  The simplest and classic way to prepare it is to boil.  However prepared, whether soft- or hard-boil, we want it to look good when cooked.  That is, egg still in its original form, shiny white and no crates when peeled.  Ah, peeling egg shells is fun and messy, too.  Sometimes we can’t avoid breaking the outer layer or leave bits of shells.   Removing egg shells is an effortless thing if we know how to make hard boiled eggs that peel easy.

First, we need the following :  a stove, a large pan or a pot, cold water, kitchen or any timer and uncooked eggs .  Check for cracks before boiling.  Others use eggs refrigerated for a few days because they said new eggs won’t peel easily.

Ok, let’s start. 

First, pour cold water into the pan until half-filled.  Add the eggs (don’t drop! Avoid cracks).  See to it that the water level is above the top of each egg.  Add more water, if necessary.  If the eggs are not as cold as the water, let the eggs sit in the cold water for awhile.  The water should not be warmer than the eggs, otherwise the water will heat up faster and the eggs may crack.  If cracks are unavoidable, add a teaspoon of salt or a drop of vinegar.  This will prevent the insides of the egg from leaking out. 

Second, position the pan on the stove and turn on high.  When water starts to boil, turn heat to medium and set timer to 15 minutes.  Make use of any timer available, if you don’t have the kitchen timer.  Learning the skill on how to make hard boiled eggs that peel easy is really simple, no need to use urbane kitchen tools. 

Third, when the timer goes off, turn off the stove.  Move the pan to the sink; be careful, it’s hot! Let cold water run in the pan and pour out the water.  Be wise not to pour the hot water directly to the sink, it might damage it.

Fourth, dip the eggs in the cold water for about 30 minutes.  Replace the water if it gets warm.

Fifth, remove the eggs from the pan and refrigerate immediately.  The quicker the boiled eggs get cold, the better.

Follow these simple steps how to make hard boiled eggs that peel easy and you will have nice looking deviled eggs .

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