Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Amazed by His love

Have you ever felt amazed by God's love?  Ever wondered "hey, I don't deserve His love", and yet here you are, been receiving so much blessings from Him that you just want to cry for happiness. God has been so good.  I really do believe He makes things happen at the right time.  He has plans for us that all we have to do is wait.  Don't rush Him.  If He says, "no, child, I have better plans for you," then heed. No father would ever harm his own child.  Just keep praying what you ask for, what you want to happen.  If it's not the way you want it, then it's not good for you because He has better plans.

It's been happening to me several times.  I now accept that He holds my life, all our lives, for that matter.

Lately, one employer left me a message to take a breather yet, stop submitting his work for awhile.  It is that no limit hour work that brings in money to me.  It was a sad message, in fact.  But guess what God has for me in exchange?  Three invite-only contracts which rate is doubled!  It knocked on my door just at the right moment.

It will keep me busy.  Thank you, God!

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