Sunday, June 5, 2011

A mother's love to her son

Being a mother is not a joke, not to be regarded lightly and should be taken seriously.  When our children are still young, we try to teach them the values that we learn from our parents and from others that we feel would make our children a better person. We discipline them because we love them so much. This kind of love remains in a mother's mind that we forget our children too get old and most of the time get tired listening to a mother trying to discipline them.

I'm sure you agree, we can't avoid getting hurt being told by our children that they are not anymore kids, and tell us to "shut up, Mom, am old enough to take care of myself." What would you normally do? Keep silent then and turn your back?  Let them say the last words? Lock yourself in the bedroom and cry silently?  Or, would you insist on being the mother? You raise your voice more and bombard your child with angry words, a way of disciplining.  Rather, would you calm down, talk to your child in a motherly way, settle the issue and say sorry to each other?

Ah, mother's love indeed.

Someday, son, you will realize why I say things to you this way...

It's because I love you.

Sometimes I can't help but worry too much because you are not here with me.

I am sorry I need to be away.

I know you'll be okay, you've grown to be a man.

A mother's love raised you well.

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