Monday, June 6, 2011

Website for kids to chat

If TV had been considered bad for kids because they get to watch violent and sexual images, what about computers?  Are they a threat as well?

Undoubtedly, computers are rich source of learning for kids.  It also offers unending supply of entertainment for them such as video games. We are now in an era where computers and electronics have become normal part of life. Children witness how their parents use computers for surfing the net, doing work-related stuff, or enjoying the “in” thing now – chatting. Kids want to do the same. If so, parents want to know how safe and appropriate is a website for kids to chat

Below are some websites that are considerably harmless.

 The chat rooms at are checked by adults in actual time. Foul language is deleted from all chats. Parents as well can monitor their kid’s visits and to determine which chat level is fitting to their child’s age.  This site is suitable for kids ages 5 and up. It has several chat rooms to choose from that focus on environment as the main theme.

Chatting at is supervised by adults. Chat opens from 2:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m. ET. This site provides kids with readings about games, school, health and entertainment. It promotes interaction among kids by encouraging them to comment on articles and to contribute artistic thoughts. This site is famous among the teens.

A website for kids to chat with their friends and like kids should be constantly monitored for content and appropriate talk and conduct. is the site that parents should promote among their peers.  The chat rooms are aimed to children aging 8 to 12. Registration to this site is necessary and the collected fee (nominal of $3.95 per month) is used to pay adult monitors. is another website that connects kids of all ages to chat.  It has trivia contests that promote kids helping among themselves in doing homework, school, games and much more.  It has a number of moderators that monitor chats of children.

There are more websites:  Chibi Chat where kids can listen to music while they chat with friends; WB Kids (Wacky Bunch Kids) which is an amusing site that features chat, fun and games for kids of all ages; filters and blocks offensive chatters.

However safe a website for kids to chat may be, parents should keep in mind that chat rooms may pose a risk to their kids of becoming victims to online predators.  Parents can help in protecting their kids by being aware of the dangers and to get involved in their kids’ internet activities.

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