Thursday, June 9, 2011

How to make friends at a new school

How to Be a Friend: A Guide to Making Friends and Keeping Them (Dino Life Guides for Families)Getting enrolled at a new school is not easy.  Everything seems different.  You wouldn't know what to do, where everything is, and the least, finding your classroom.  Worse, you cannot avoid being ignored, stared at or ogled?  Making new friends is difficult.  It would take time before finding your new set of friends.  Here are some tips how to make new friends at a new school.

1.  Dress presentably on your first day.  Walk with confidence into your new school.  Keep that chin up, but keep a flashing smile on your face.  Wear your best body cologne, leave a trail of captivating scent behind you.

2. Don't forget to equip yourself with the things needed for the first meeting with your teacher.  You don't want to be humiliated, don't you?  Avoid getting shamed by a terror teacher.

3.  Make an impression, however be yourself.  Don't change who you are just to make an impression.  Be neat and check your breath.

4.  Be a Samaritan to someone.  Offer help.

5.  Don't be ashamed to start a conversation.  Initiate a talk on general topic about a favorite subject perhaps, new trend of learning, or some basic personal details.  But feel the pulse first of the type of person or groups of persons you introduced yourself to.

6.  Some schools already post their extra-curricular activities.  Participate an after-school activity that you have an interest in.  Meet the people that you have a common interest with. This is the fastest way how to make friends at a new school.

7.  Don't isolate yourself in a corner.  Be among the crowd and be friendly.            

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